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"C-Matrix Edu" is a School Management System we have just recently developed.

"C-Matrix Edu" is an IT Solution that was engineered putting into consideration the problems faced by the stakeholders in a school system right from the principal or school head to the teachers, students and parents, and as such, this IT Solution provides the best of solution to the administrative problems predominant in schools vis-a-vis the administration of schools.

Apart from the fact that it helps schools cut cost greatly day to day in the administration and or business of the school, it also helps in providing schools, the parents of the students, the teachers and the students with utmost convenience. All the pertinent stakeholders benefit from it immensely!. In effect, amongst other benefits, the standard of the schools get to be furthermore underlined and maintained by the virtue of this IT Solution.

And another good news is that it costs little or nothing to primarily make your school benefit from the virtues of this Product or IT Solution; C-Matrix Edu. [ Read More ]


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C-Matrix as an IT Firm was instituted in the year 2006 and registered with the appropriate authorities in the countries it has its offices. It is an IT Firm that offers an array of products and services; IT solutions to all and sundry, i.e. start-up businesses, small businesses, companies, organizations, institutions and individuals.

C-Matrix is an IT Firm that has got its base reliably, firmly and proudly founded on the world-class expertise of alike minded professionals who work for the Firm both at home and abroad. As the professionals are such who maintain high and impeccable authority in their fields of expertise, and as such their expertise and knowledge are very much respected in the Industry all over the world. These professionals, in the wise of IT Professionals, Administrative Professionals, Computer Professionals, Human and Public Relations Experts, Economists amongst others of its well grounded and well-seasoned professionals are such that continually acquire pertinent skills and knowledge both locally and internationally with a view to always upholding the mission, vision and integrity of C-Matrix. Collectively, these professionals of the Firm are such that constantly and relentlessly advance, support and sustain the goals of its immeasurably valued clientele. For the passion of seeing the clients of C-Matrix happy and satisfied with their provided Products and Services as it helps their businesses or ideas soar phenomenally to greater and enviable heights is one of the factors that drives the professionals of C-Matrix and this is one of the factors that drives C-Matrix as a Firm as well.

Every Service and Product you find or get from C-Matrix is not only professionally generated or backed, but also, excellently and satisfactorily rendered by its team of well experienced, highly skilled and talented and well respected professionals of world-class value who are always keen on thriving or advancing the businesses or enterprises of both our valued clientele and prospective clients with their skills and expertise.

Frankly, C-Matrix is one of the few IT Firms in the global market today, where you can have more than the true and great worth of your money and provided IT solution, for the Firm is not particular about the worth or value you pay for the rendered Service and or Product, but always concerned about the satisfaction and happiness you derive from its IT solutions by having your bottom-line optimally fulfilled and cost-effectively fulfilled as well. As your satisfaction and happiness is not only what meets the Firm with its aim, but also, what makes up for the relatively and comparatively low fees that the Firm is always known to charge. With C-Matrix, not everything is money, but the satisfaction and happiness you derive from its cost-effective and cheap or affordable IT solutions is what really matter to the Firm, and not money.

Feel free to let C-Matrix optimally and cost-effectively fulfill your bottom-line, by the mode of its impeccable expertise, experience, talent and IT solution. We will be glad to be dedicated to the advancement and success of your business or idea - Get in touch with us today, and you will forever be glad to be part of the success train that it runs. C-Matrix runs a large client base which is still increasing, as such that comprises of small and big businesses, institutions and individuals from different parts of the world greatly and loudly testify to this. Do not be left out as you deserve to be part of this success train too.



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