The Capabilities of C-Matrix Edu

"C-Matrix Edu" is a School Management System we have just recently developed.

"C-Matrix Edu" is an IT Solution that was engineered putting into consideration the problems faced by the stakeholders in a school system right from the principal or school head to the teachers, students and parents, and as such, this IT Solution provides the best of solution to the administrative problems predominant in schools vis-a-vis the administration of schools.

Apart from the fact that it helps schools cut cost greatly day to day in the administration and or business of the school, it also helps in providing schools, the parents of the students, the teachers and the students with utmost convenience. All the pertinent stakeholders benefit from it immensely!. In effect, amongst other benefits, the standard of the schools get to be furthermore underlined and maintained by the virtue of this IT Solution.

And another good news is that it costs little or nothing to primarily make your school benefit from the virtues of this Product or IT Solution; C-Matrix Edu. [ Read More ]


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The Features of C-Matrix Edu vis-a-vis the impact of C-Matrix Edu as an IT Solution

The Capabilities of C-Matrix are so numerous as such that it gives the following:




The deployment of this IT Solution is not cumbersome and yet the application drives to the bottom line of all the School Stakeholders good results on the platform of convenience.

- The enrollment of new and existing students into the database is feasible as such that makes possible the collection of their personal, sponsors and medical data. The uploading of passport photographs is also possible for identification sake amongst other reasons.  
- At the start of an academic year, there is room for creation of what term of the year the school is running.  
- When a student is expelled, his/her details can be suspended from the database and the admin determines if the student still has access to his/her profile in the database or not.  

The convenience of monitoring on the part of the School stakeholders (ie. the School Administrators, Teachers and Parents)

- Parents can view their child’s or children's or wards' attendance, discipline, and grades updated in real time.  
- Parents can conveniently view and print the Term results of their children or wards on the Internet quite swiftly by just the push of a button, in the comfort of their homes or office.  
- Parents can receive email and or Text Message when their child is absent or tardy, or when new homework has been assigned or posted.  
- The ability to copy one student’s information to another (useful when several children from the same family attend the school)  
- Teachers can post homework assignments to the web, where parents and students can then view them.  
- Parents can send email to teachers in regards to their children.  
- Principals can put a message of the day on the main page, useful when school is cancelled due to bad weather or disaster.  
- Built-in discussion forum allows teachers, administrators and parents to discuss relevant issues all online!. Discuss curriculum, school policies, or anything of such that might be of benefit to the School Stakeholders.  
- Integrated Health module to track immunizations, allergies, medications and visits to the Sick bay.  
- It is web based, so users can use C-Matrix Edu from their internet connected PC.  

C-Matrix Edu ... The Auxiliary School Management System



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