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"C-Matrix Edu" is a School Management System we have just recently developed.

"C-Matrix Edu" is an IT Solution that was engineered putting into consideration the problems faced by the stakeholders in a school system right from the principal or school head to the teachers, students and parents, and as such, this IT Solution provides the best of solution to the administrative problems predominant in schools vis-a-vis the administration of schools.

Apart from the fact that it helps schools cut cost greatly day to day in the administration and or business of the school, it also helps in providing schools, the parents of the students, the teachers and the students with utmost convenience. All the pertinent stakeholders benefit from it immensely!. In effect, amongst other benefits, the standard of the schools get to be furthermore underlined and maintained by the virtue of this IT Solution.

And another good news is that it costs little or nothing to primarily make your school benefit from the virtues of this Product or IT Solution; C-Matrix Edu. [ Read More ]


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Really, the point differentiating C-Matrix from others is not just a point, but points.

C-Matrix has got two unique points differentiating it from other IT firms, namely: Innovation and Affordability.


In the case of Innovation, C-Matrix has got the ability to capture the entirety of a client’s request or a client’s concept and the bottom-line in such a way that it will be like C-Matrix is in the mind of the clients, thereby proffering an innovative medium or platform through which there will be maximal realization of the concept and bottom-line.


And in the aspect of Affordability, it will be put to you in a quite sincere and modest manner that: C-Matrix is affordable. In spite of the fact that C-Matrix experiences so many sleepless nights in the name of advancing the request or concept of its clients by the mode of its time, expertise and labor in the course of realization and or post realization, is never an excuse for high fees. As what matters to C-Matrix as well as makes up for the comparative difference in the high fees others charge and its low or affordable fee is the streams of joy it experiences from supporting, advancing and sustaining the dreams, passions and goals of a client.



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